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3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Property Manager

Property owners who rent out their home, condo or multi-family complex will find that that working with a Carlsbad property management group can maximize their profit while increasing personal time and avoiding mistakes that can be detrimental to rental income. Finding the right Carlsbad property management for your rental relies on searching for a property manager who offers a range of services that goes beyond rental collection. Property marketing, maintenance services and general upkeep and thorough screening of tenant applications should all be included in your property management contract. In addition to a range of services, any efficient property manager should display these three qualities in their dealings with property owners, potential tenants and current tenants.

3 Qualities to Look for in A Property Manager

1. Excellent Customer Service

From the first moment you contact a property management company, you should be treated with respect by every staff member you come into contact with. Particularly, the property manager you’re working with should be helpful and polite in all interactions. You want to know you’re leaving your tenants in good hands, and if your property manager is being curt or rude to you, they’ll most certainly treat your tenants the same way. Tenants who are treated disrespectfully may be less likely to report maintenance issues or other problems, which when left unattended to can turn into costly, long-term repairs once the tenant has vacated the property.

2. Effective Communication

When you’re trusting a property manager to maintain your home and collect your rental income, it’s important that you can reach them when you need to. Before selecting a property management company, be sure that someone is always going to make themselves available to you and your tenants to respond to inquiries and maintenance issues. If you’re finding that the company or the property manager is slow to return e-mails and phone calls or that appointments are missed, it’s probably best to move on and find another company to work with.

3. Honestly

Perhaps most importantly, when interviewing potential managers for your property, be sure they have a proven track record of honesty and integrity. Ask for references from other property owners or current and past tenants. When renting out your home, condo or vacation rental it’s vital that management is left in the hand of someone that both you and your tenants can trust.

Vacation Rentals in Carlsbad

Whether you already own a property or are looking to purchase a new home or condo and hire property management Carlsbad California has a fantastic vacation rental market. Carlsbad is a beautiful coastal resort community with plenty of tourists passing through every year. Vacation rentals can be a strong source of income for property owners in the area, and the right property management team can help you to maximize that income and successfully maintain a popular vacation spot for tourists.

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  1. Good advice. I’ve thought about investment property but always thought, “What a headache. I don’t want to deal with all the day-to-day activities that can arise and frankly, I don’t have the time.” Nonetheless, there are some excellent reasons for purchasing an investment property. I never thought of getting a property manager, but it makes sense if you have a good one.

  2. I’d imagine honesty is the top quality for anyone managing your property. You don’t want someone defrauding your clients or you. I’d add you also want someone with considerable experience as you don’t want to provide them with on-the-job training with your money on the line.

  3. Helpful list of things to look for. Hope you can answer this question for me. I’ve heard that Air BnB can make you money when it comes to investment property. Is this a situation where you could hire a property manager if you decided to go this route or are they strictly for long-term tenants?

  4. When it comes to effective communication, what is a good time frame for expecting someone to email you? What about phone calls? I think if you’re hiring a property manager they should email you within 2 hours and call within 3. However, I’m not sure if there’s any industry standard. Appreciate any help here.

  5. Customer service is a key part of any business, so I was glad to see excellent customer service on your list of things to look for when hiring a property manager. If I’m paying someone to manage my investment property, I want to know they know how to deal with people. A simple problem such as a leaky faucet can turn into a headache if a property manager is rude to a tenant and brushes them off. I expect professionalism from a property manager. If you can smooth out a small problem, it can help in the unlikely (but always possible) event of a big problem. A tenant who has been treated respectfully will likely cut you more slack.

  6. Are there any prerequisites for a person to become a property manager? Do they have to have any type of license, undergo a background check, etc.? Just wondering how a property owner can make sure they’re the right fit for their property other than the ways you mentioned.

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